Happy Couple

If you are preparing for marriage, you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement (prenup). A prenuptial agreement is an agreement made by a couple before marriage. The prenup is concerned with the ownership of your respective assets, should the marriage fail. 

Do We Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

If you can answer "yes" to one or more of the following questions, then you should consider a prenuptial agreement.

  1. Do you own real estate?
  2. Do you own more than $50,000 in assets?
  3. Do you earn more than $100,000 a year in earned income?
  4. Do you own any part of a business?
  5. Do you have more than one year's worth of retirement benefits?
  6. Do you have employment benefits such as stock options or profit sharing?
  7. Do you or your partner plan to go to school for an advanced degree, while the other works?
  8. Does a part of your estate name beneficiaries or heirs other than your partner?

Kliem and Balusek will help guide you through your prenuptial agreement - every step of the way. If you're not sure if you need one, contact us. We'll schedule a consultation and look at your situation and advise you the best course of action.