Why Do You Need a Will?

July 7, 2020

A will lets your family and the world know how you wish to convey your property after your passing.  Your will can also specify last wishes for debts, burial requests, set up testamentary trusts and make charitable requests.  If you own real property, a will is a very important document which allows ownership of property to pass more easily to a beneficiary.  There are many reasons why you should have a will but some of the MOST important ones are:

  1. Naming a guardian for any minor children if both biological parents have predeceased the child.  Otherwise, this may be determined by others.
  2. Having a will makes it easier on those you leave behind.  Your wishes are expressed and a court of law will recognize such wishes by a probate proceeding.  The probate proceeding establishes the validity of your will and will make transfer of your property easier than without a will.  
  3. If you do not have a will, the State of Texas has established procedures by which your property will be distributed.  Keep in mind this may or may not be what you really want.  Especially with the blended families of today, this can create real problems.

See us at Kliem & Balusek, Attorneys at Law to discuss your estate planning wishes.  We can help you achieve peace of mind that your wishes are carried out by thoroughly discussing your wishes and preparation of legal documents that accurately reflect those wishes.  Remember Kliem & Balusek- handling your legal matters effectively and efficiently.